hey guys, i am soon to venture on to a new project, what i want to do, is build myself a new computer, firstly, i have besic skills. (i took a course through school where i was taught to build a desktop computer and basic networking, yet have'nt put it into proper action in 4 years so my knowledge is a lil outdated)
So i was wondering where to start, i have alot of requirements, i have done a bit of research, and found a few bits i want. I'l start off by saying i preferably want a quad core processor, with atleast 6Gb ram, the mother board would need atleast 3 SATA/ATA ports to use a BLU-RAY drive, and 2 hard drives, also would need around 5-6 PCI ports, for sound card, graphics card, video capture card, extra usb ports, plus anything else i wound want. HDD i would preferably want atleast a 2Tb HDD and then try and run from my current 120Gb HDD and just use the 2Tb as storage. From the sound card i would like one with RCA ports on them to use my stereo as sound, and with video card HDMI port to use my TV, and again for video capture card something that will be compatible to work with Xbox. I will most likely need an Ethernet network card, but would like the added back up of a wireless adapter just in case. Thats about all i can think of right now, so if any one cold give me ideas on best Hardware and prices i would be very happy, but also, if some one would quote more than one part, could you please be as kind as making sure each part you tell me about is compatible with the last, as it would make it so much easier for me, i preferably have around £500 to play with, but would like to try and save some of it as i do have a car in the garage at the moment aswell lol
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  1. You might start by reading this forum stickees:





    Also you may not really want to use your old HD for the operating system - todays HD are so much faster this may not make sense. You can go to the THG HD charts and compare performance of the old and new. It would be nice to have the OS on a small but fast HD but you could also partition the the larger storage drive - and most likely it would be much faster than using the old drive.

  2. Wall of text hurt's my eyes...

    please use some formatting in future posts.
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