How i can remove raid from my pc

Hello,sir i have installed window XP and many other movie mixing programe and there plugins. now i want to make it in universal ghost image in such a way that i could install it on evey pc.and i want to make it without using sky drivers xp,so that ghost image size not increased. i have Avlgo ghost 11.5 software but not sysprep software.i download a video from you tube to make a universal ghost using a Avlgo ghost and sysprep software.please tell me how i can make email address is....removed by moderator...please...
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  1. Please help us understand your question; it is not clear.

    First, the topic has to do with RAID and the question seems to be about using a product named Avlgo ghost. Which one is your issue?

    Second, if you are trying to use that ghost product to image multiple machines, I would think that you would do better off at the manufacturer's support site. Is this a commercial product? I searched for it, but all I found were torrent sites, an indication of illegal cracks.

    Third, please be aware that you must have licenses for the OS and all of the other movie mixing programmes that you are using on the target machines. 20 copies, 20 licenses.

    Could you make the question clearer, like a narrative? For example, here's my best guess
    I need to install XP and movie editing software on 57 PCs. I have everything installed on the first PC and want to use Avlgo Ghost to make an image of the first PC and copy the software to the others.

    I don't understand how to use Ghost and sysprep to build a package that can setup the 56 remaining PCs. Please help me understand how to ....

    We will be here to help.
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