Titanium f-fi titanium not working on gigabyte board


i just bought a SB x-fi titanium and after the installation it plays no sounds at all, i'm running on xp service pack 3
When i go into devices it shows no issues with drivers or hardware.
any ideas?

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  1. Could be problems with hardware issue. Do you have a spare set of speakers or a spare sound card to check to see if your speakers is the problem or not. If its not the speakers could be a defect in the sound card its self
  2. Try the Daniel_K driver pack. Other then that, your only option would be to go with a non-Crapative brand (ASUS, Auzentech, or HT Omega).
  3. Is there an on-board sound card on your motherboard? If yes you need to disable it. If not you need to select your audio source on the SOUND option at the control panel
  4. ^^ You shouldn't HAVE to; I used to run with my onboard, USB audio, ASUS Xonar D2, and Razer Barracuda all plugged in at the same time. [Granted, I could only use one at a time...]. The "Disable onboard sound" is a "Fix" unique for Creative.

    Try Daniel_K drivers, and check control panel to make sure the right device is enabled.
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