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Hi guys. I looking for some help. My hp laptop died and since a lot of parts are still good I wanted to see if there is anything I could use the screen for. Ideally, I would hook up either a portable dvd player or a car dvd to it.
It definitely works and it has 2 sets of wire hook ups. One that has a red and black wire ( + and - I assume) and another one with 3 or 4 wires.
I tried a few searches to see if anyone had any instructions on how I could possibly hook the screen that was in the laptop to anything else without any success.
Thank you for any input.
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  1. For anyone who has the same question, since no one else on tom's forums is electronically inclined enough to know the answer, here's what I was able to use to get the screen working again:
    search on ebay

    R.RM3251 Controller Board kit for 15.4" WXGA LCD laptop

    and give those guys your screen specific information

    you also need a power supply unless you already have one. It should go for 45-55 bucks depending on your screen size and resolution.

    Hope this information helps someone out there
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