M2n32-Sli Deluxe won\'t POST after upgrading the ram

system was on then i shut it down and upped the ram from 2 gbs to 4 gbs. now it wont provide a video signal. i tried the jumpers and removing the battery. resated and switched out the graphics. put the old memory back in, took one out and so on yet it refuses to work
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  1. Verify that your GPU (video card) is securely plugged into the motherboard and that all of your power connectors are securely fastened (including the one to your GPU if it has one). Often users will bump a connector/card when installing new stuff and cause a minor disconnect issue. Good luck!
  2. i did that several times still no response. another question regarding this: if i find a replacement MB, same model and everything, will i have any problems with OS accepting it?
  3. You shouldn't have any problems, per se, but you may still have to re-activate your OS (assuming Win 7). Even that isn't a big deal, even if you have to call MS should the automatic/on-line activation fail if you are using legitimate software.

    BTW, will the system boot properly with only the original 2GB of RAM installed?
  4. system will not register at all no matter what i do. tried putting org ram back in, switched slots, removed gtx 260 several times and reseated, put org gpu 8400gs back in to see if it was the gtx 260 since there is no video output. NOTHING. it comes on just no picture. everything else hooked up to tv shows up perfectly so its not that.
  5. Does the system boot with 4GB installed and display via the TV as well?

    I suggest you download driversweeper (just google it) and completely remove your nvidia drivers. Then reboot with the new GPU (video card) and reinstall the latest drivers.

    Good luck!
  6. system does not boot at all. it comes on but with no video signal i cant see the bios
  7. Try to manually reset the mobo (if you haven't already tried) by disconnecting the power cable, pressing the power button to discharge residual power in the system, and then pulling the battery from the motherboard itself. Wit 30 secs and reverse the procedure.

    If it is still dead afterwards, the mobo is defective (most likely) and you'll need another. Sorry for your hassles.
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