When HDD and SSD plugged in brings up "NTLDR Missing" error

No matter what order the drives are plugged in to the SATA ports, it brings up the NTLDR Missing error. When I unplug the HDD and just use the SSD it opens up the OS just fine. The specs are as follows

Shuttle SG31G2
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
4 Gigs G Skill RAM
nvidia 9800 GT EE
D-link DWA-552 PCI Wireless adapter
250W power supply
Lite on DVD-RW
Seagate 120GB 7200 RPM HDD
OCZ Vertex 30GB SSD

I have just the SSD and DVD drive plugged in now and it works. I am about to power down and try plugging in just the SSD and HDD to see if there is just too much power being drawn with that last drive, even though I doubt it. I also need to add that this just started happening about an hour ago. I was away from the computer and it just restarted itself. Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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    Enter your BIOS and see if there are any settings for device priority.
    If so, make your SSD the 1st boot device.
  2. Ill plug all of the drives back in and give that a go. Thanks!
  3. It was already set as the first boot device, but for some reason it worked just fine. This all started while I was downloading a game, and when I booted a second ago with just the HDD and SSD plugged in I uninstalled the game. I dont know for sure but I guess that could have had something to do with it. It hadnt done it before I downloaded the game, and hasn't done it since I uninstalled it. Thanks for the help Dereck
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