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I am building a custom rig and just upgraded the card I had in there ATI HD 4670 to a new ATI MSI 5770. I am running windows 64 ultimate, Phenom 955 Black yet to be overclocked and have a 550W Atec Power supply, and 4GB Kingston 1333 ram.

My old configuration worked fine and this new one blue screens me whenever it is taxed. I run passmark benchmark and it shuts down during the 2D graphic section. Also during the 2D push the entire screen is pixilated and funky.

I thought it was a driver issue and downloaded the latest ATI drivers, and flashed my mobo to the latest version.

Speaking of my Mobo is Asus M4A 785T-M and I think it should handle this card.

Any ideas? I heard there have been some issues with 5770 and Win7 -64. If so I can return this card and get a new brand, any suggestions community?

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  1. Hi

    Check your power supply requirements for your card.
  2. Sounds like a faulty GPU to me, especially since the screen becomes distorted. There are plenty of people that run the 5770 with 64-bit Windows 7 without any problems. I highly doubt Windows has anything to do with this problem. I would either contact the store where you bought the GPU or MSI to get the ball rolling on an RMA for the GPU.
  3. Power supply is 550W continuous power, the card needs 450 so I should be good there. I am going to exchange it tonight and post updates. By the way does anyone know if I need to delete old drivers from my previous card?
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    By the way does anyone know if I need to delete old drivers from my previous card?

    Yes, and this is whats most likely causing your problem to begin with. You need to first uninstall the existing driver, reboot, and then install the new one, reboot. It is also recommended that before installing the new driver that you use a 3rd party driver sweeping program such as DriverCleanerPro that will get rid of all traces of the old driver (just in case).

    You can easily prove whether the driver is at fault by looking at the actual error that your blue screen gives you. You can also look this up in the Event Logs, as all bugchecks are logged.

    Before you run to replace the card, do all this or else you might be wasting your time (meaning, it will happen with the next card too).
  5. I totally agree with hardwaretecky
  6. Update: Fixed. It was either the card or the old drivers but in any case it is fixed. Let me explain exactly what I did in case anyone else runs into this for the first time. I also exchanched the card for a new card, but if you ordered online you may want to try the below steps first.

    First: Uninstall all drivers by going to Start > Control Panel > Device Manager. If your cards are not installed like mine werent they will be hidden. Petri has a great walk through on how to show hidden drivers here:

    Once these drivers are deleted download and install driver cleaner pro. and reboot in safe mode F8 before windows screen.

    Run driver cleaner pro and choose ATI, or your graphic card from drop down. Run

    Now install your new video card and reboot normally.

    Let windows find and install drivers on your device. The next step is important, you do not know how long your card has been sitting on the shelf so download the latest version of ATI CCC directly from ATI's website.

    Run CCC and configure. Reboot and your done. Your card should work great.

    Thanks for all the help guys.
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