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hello. i have a computer from work that was set up to use vpn i guess. i have no idea about vpns all i know is that it can't get on the internet now with out it. so i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to turn off the need for vpn?
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  1. Assuming this is a Windows/MS VPN, is it popping up a dialog box asking to connect to the VPN whenever you open Internet Explorer or Firefox?

    If so, using Internet Explorer, select Tools->Internet Options->Connections tab and make sure "Never dial a connection" is selected.
  2. Also the broswer maybe configured to always use a proxy server. Within Internet Explorer Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings and uncheck ALL boxes in there.
  3. Good requirement. Don't think you can do this without a policy push.

    Could you use time based rule in your security policy? (that is if you're using traditional mode and the requirement isn't totally "random")

    I know you can "bounce" a tunnel using the CLI utility called "vpn tu" but don't recall this allowing you to completely shutdown a vpn tunnel.
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