Best 775 Processor?

Thanks for you help in advance,

I'm trying to eek out the most performance before having to buy a completely new system.

I have a P5DG1 ( and an intel prescott 530 3GHz ( cpu.

What's my best bet in upgrading the cpu? Specs say it supports celeron and "Pentium 4" cpus.

Am I pretty much stuck with this processor?

As an aside, I'm running CPU-Z and it's indicating that the bus speed is 200mhz when both the cpu and motherboard are rated at 800. Is this an issue?
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    As it only has a 915 Chipset I am afraid your stuck with P4s only, The fastest P4 is P4-672 (3.8 GHz, 800 FSB, L2:2MB, revR0) according to Asus' website.

    And good look finding one of them, can't see any on eBay at the moment.
  2. In addition with your bus speed it will be 4x 200MHz, as its quad pumped and quite normal.

    In CPU-Z on my Pentium Dual Core it shows 4x 266MHz = 1066. (well when its not overclocked that is).
  3. ah, I googled p4-672 and found a link through the forum to the page you probably saw at the asus site.

    I was afraid of that, well I better start saving up for an i7 and new motherboard! I'll keep an eye out for one, but unless the price is pretty good I won't bother.
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