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just wondering if anyone has recommendations for a power supply for this case(lian-li pc-a05n) any issues with fit? i want to go with something well known and a minimum of 650 watts. thanks
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  1. Power supply needs isn't determined by what case you have, but what components you have, specifically GPU and CPU.

    Link full build.
  2. that info isn't really relevant. i know 650w will cover my needs. more concerned with fit in this case, as it's no really standard
  3. You should read the specs of the case, or maybe the manual, or any of their promotional material actually.

    Specifically the part that says,
    "front mounted stanrdard ATX PS/2 power supply unit" yes, they even spelled it wrong in their promotional material.
  4. Not a dumb question at all, given the location and possible air flow restrictions.

    Get a Seasonic-built PSU that is efficient. That will produce less heat and will deal with higher case temps easily.

    Antec TP-550 is fairly short, efficient, and partly modular. TP-650 or TP-750 would probably be OK if you needed the power.

    Seasonic X650 would be the best choice. It might be a fraction of an inch longer but is fully modular and most efficient.
  5. iambored said:
    more concerned with fit in this case, as it's no really standard

    I was responding to that part, as the case will fit any standard atx PSU. If he was asking the for the best based on airflow then yes it would have been a non stupid question :p
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