Only getting audio out of left channel

I just upgraded to Windows 7-64 bit

my sound card is an Echo "MiaMidi" its a pci card for home recording

all worked fine before but now, after everything is installed i only get audio out of the left channel. The outputs on the card are split into left and right channels but my wiring has not changed though i have checked multiple times. I have th most recent driver.

I am at a loss.
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  1. Check your sound settings, are you set for mono instead of stereo?
  2. im not sure how to check if it is set for mono, but-

    the soundcard comes with its own sound control program, a simple window showing the levels of all the channels. In that, it shows the audio going through both the left and the right channel (levels going up and down). If i pan everything to the right i hear nothing- if i pan everything to the left it will get louder.
    So the audio is there, it's just not coming out of the right output.
  3. Could be a dead connector/wire? Try flipping your left/right output wires, and see if the left speaker (now plugged into the RIGHT side output) picks up right side audio, and vica versa.
  4. FIXED- for what its worth, I completely uninstalled/deleted the driver (the windows 7 driver) and downloaded the next most recent driver which was for Vista but it works fine now.
    dont know if its the Win 7 Driver or if it just needed to be reinstalled but it works with the Vista one so whatever
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