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How to build a stable system? What is the best motherboard for i5 750? :bounce:
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  1. 1. Balance the system, use quality parts, tests everything for stability.

    2. Depends on your needs.
  2. I just paid 50% of the money to the dealer. My configuration is

    Intel i5 750
    Gigabyte H55M-S2H
    2 GB of RAM
    500 WATTS PSU
    500 GB Hard Disk Seagate
    Samsung DVD Writer
    NVIDIA 1GB 9500 GT
  3. I just have 12 hours to build my system. Before that i should confirm else i would mess up. Can you please reply to my post
  4. can anyone help me please
  5. Im using a Gigabyte H55-UD3H with an OC'ed i5 650 and haven't experienced any problems yet
  6. ok. Then can you tell me which card is the best?
    1GB 9500GT (or) 1GB GT220 (or) 1GB 4650?
  7. im assuming the 4650 is a ATI? i haven't used these so i cant comment on that 1... but out of the othe 2 i would go for the 1GB GT220
  8. Is it necessary to apply thermal paste on the processor if i didnot overclock and use intel Stock cooler?
  9. you should ALWAYS put thermal paste on (unless your cooler has it pre-applied), whether you have an overclock on or not.

    thermal paste improves the heat conductivity between the heatsink and cpu and can reduce cpu heat by anything upto 10c
  10. how good Asrock and intel motherboards are ?
    Can to rate Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI, Asrock and intel boards?
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