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I am migrating to a new build and currently have 2 HDDs in RAID0. In the new PC, I would like to use a new SSD as the boot drive with a fresh install of Win7 and for some frequently used programs. The 2 existing HDDs will then be used for secondary programs and data storage.

Are there any issues to be aware of? Do I just choose AHCI for the SSD and RAID0 for the HDDs? The SSD will be standalone and not part of the array.

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    If your SSD will be connected to the same SATA controller as your RAID array then the SATA mode has to remain RAID in order for your array to work. Any drives not part of the array automatically default to AHCI mode, so your SSD will be ok.

    If your SSD is connected to a different SATA controller than your RAID then you need to change the SATA mode to AHCI.
  2. Thanks, that was helpful. I do have a follow-up question though - if I set the SATA mode to RAID and then run the SSD off that (even though it won't be part of the HDD array) would I be disabling TRIM functionality on the SSD? I have read that SSD TRIM under RAID does not work.
  3. No. Since the SSD is not part of the array TRIM will not be disabled.
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