Please Insert a Disk Into Removable Disk (E:) Error

I have had a Boeing 4GB Flash Drive for a few months. Everything operated perfectly fine, and I hold my software on it. I have WinRAR, a game, and the XXL Signature Bundle of FL Studio. Also, the large bundle of Sony Vegas Pro 11, and Camtasia Studio. But just recently, I went to plug in my Flash Drive, and the name comes up. I clicked on it, and it opened. But when it did, it said there are no files. So I exited and did it again. Still no files. I click properties, and it said used space; 0 bytes, available space; 0 bytes. I removed it and plugged it in, and it said "Installing Device Driver Software". It failed the first time, but I removed it and plugged it in, and it went through. But when I looked at it, the name changed to Removable Disk (E:), and when I click on it, a window pops up saying "Please Insert a Disk Into Removable Disk (E:). I am now really pissed, because I lost about $1000+ worth of software. So could somebody please help me? I would appreciate it. I am a major tech guy, but this seems to stop me. I have already tried Disk Management, so please don't give that as a solution.
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  1. Does this have U3 or similar software on it? It creates partitions on the flash drive like the ones you tell of, but it should still have the main one for data. Seems like the data partition is corrupted. You should try some sort of drive recovery tool.
  2. Your drive died. Get a new one.
  3. jkflipflop98 said:
    Your drive died. Get a new one.

    You know, I didn't spend hours on end to look for solutions to a problem, all to ask a question, and get a really stupid answer from someone. I don't really enjoy getting replies from people like you. So, if you aren't going to say anything helpful, or nice; don't say anything at all. And by the way, I already bought two new ones.
  4. Truthfully, the answer is just that, its dead, buy a new one. Flash drives are flash memory, static kills them, just had the same issue, lost all of my work on one, always keep a backup of your usb key, They are not reliable.
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