Corsair dominator ram ddr3 1333

does anyone have any experience with corsair dominator ram ddr3 1333 thanks
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  1. How can i help you?
  2. I have plenty of experience with Corsair Dominator but the faster MHz models. I'm very familial in problem solving & setup.

    Q - What exact model?
    Q - What problem?
    Q - What MOBO?
    Q - What CPU?
  3. thanks for the replies:

    Corsair Dominator PC10666 RAM - 4GB, (2x2GB) DDR3, 1333MHz, Dual Path, Dual Channel

    just ordered this ram wanted to make sure it was good for my setup

    gigabyte p55-UD3
    sapphire radeon 4870 1gb
    ultra 650 watt psu
    ocz vertex 2 ssd 60gb

    case: HAF-X

    mostly using this for photoshop and for light gaming and video/music encoding

    thanks for the help! will all this work well? anything to change? any advice is greatly appreciated
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    If you're using them for Photoshop and the files are 'HUGE' then the 2X4GB or 4X4GB kits are preferred. If you editing digital photos then you're fine. Most of the speed is in the IC's used, and the Dominator line will outperform most cheap 1600 MHz DDR3.
  5. im just using it on digital camera pictures. some shot on a nikon D-90 but other then that just a standard run of the mill digital camera
  6. Then you're fine.
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