Ide hard disk and ide dvd drive don't work at same time

Hi,everyone I have an Asus P5GZ-MX motherboard with only one(primary) blue ide connector.I have an Western Digital wd600 60 gb ide hard disk and an ide lg DVD writer.The wd hard disk has no jumper attached although there are jumper pins on it.I don't know where the jumper has gone.The DVD writer has its jumper set to master.When I connect the grey or black ide to hard disk,hard disk works well.But when I attach DVD writer to either black or grey connector, both devices are not detected in Bios.What should I do to get both devices work together ?I had bought this old hard disk as my motherboard does not boot my new sata hard disk wd500 caviar green, although it used to boot my old sata hard disk( now damaged). I will ask about that in another post.Should I buy a jumper and set hard disk to master and dvd drive to slave or selecting dvd drive alone as slave will do the trick? I still don't understand why black is master.If you connect hard disk to master(or black),How will you connect grey to DVD drive which is on top of hard disk in cabinet? Please help me getting this work.Thank you in advance.
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  1. gagmani said:
    or selecting dvd drive alone as slave will do the trick?

    Yes, that should do the trick.

    Your IDE cable should have 3 connectors; one on each end, and one in the middle.
    One end goes to your motherboard, the middle goes to your Slave and the other end goes to your Master.
  2. yes your motherboard only has 1 IDE connector. Your hard disk needs to be set to Master, and the optical drive needs to be set to Slave to work properly. Make sure you plug the blue connector of the cable to the motherboard.
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    Collecting those two posts, you should set 5 things up:

    1. BLUE connector on the end goes to mobo port;
    2. Set HDD jumper to Master (or Master with Slave Present, if that's a different setting);
    3. Plug HDD into BLACK END connector;
    4. Set optical drive's jumper to Slave;
    5. Plug optical unit into GREY MIDDLE connector.
  4. Thank you all,I simply changed dvd writer's jumper from master to slave and it did what we expected.
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