I want to upgrade my GPU

Here's what I got:

Power Supply 850 Watt Velocity Micro® Power Supply - Nvidia® SLI™ Certified

Motherboard NVIDIA® nForce 750i chipset, (P5N-D SLI) with DDR2, ATX

Processor Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor Q9550, quad 2.83GHz cores, 12MB L2 Cache

CPU Cooling Arctic Cooling® Freezer 7 Pro Heatsink, Ultra Quiet Fan, Copper Heat Pipes

DDR2 Memory 4096MB Corsair™ XMS2 DDR2-800 Low Latency Extreme Memory with Heat Spreader (2x2048)

PCX Video 2 x 512MB Visiontek Radeon HD 4850 GDDR3 in CrossFire™

Video Cooling VideoCool™ Positive Pressure Airflow System - Speed adjustable, with light

anybody know what cards will work with this setup?

Any easy way to find out?

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  1. How did you manage to CrossFire two ATI cards on an nVidia SLI motherboard?
  2. You'd have to ask the guys at Velocity Micro that question.

    It might explain why CF never seems to work very long without crashing my games.
  3. It's crap
  4. I dont see how it would work at all. Any PCI-E card will work with that, so any newer card, just a matter of how much you want to pay.
  5. Should I be taking this up with the Velocity Micro folks? They built it for me.

    You'd think they'd bother to mention that the dual GPUs were useless with the mobo I had selected.
  6. Might as well see how they respond. They must really be on the ball over there...
  7. They pride themselves on "Customer Support" too......

    I was looking at maybe getting an ATI 5870 1 Gb card, or possibly Nvidia GTX 295.....but now I don't trust them to tell me whether either of those will work with my system.

    Either one is probably better than two 4850s in CF that never works.
  8. Since you have a SLI motherboard, I would try to go with Nvidia. They recently released their new GTX 400 series cards and they perform pretty well. The downside is they produce alot of heat and require alot of power, but the GTX 480 performs about on par with a GTX 295. They're kind of hard to come by right now but they'll probably be more in a few weeks.

    If you never plan on getting a second card, then by all means go for the 5870.
  9. It seems like the consensus is that a single HD 5870 is better than a two GPU set up. I'm guessing there's a cost-benefit analysis in there someplace. It might make sense to get an nVidia card to go with the nVidia mobo...


    Thanks for your help.
  10. GTX4XX cards are virtually unavailable presently without a significant price-premium, which then drives their price/performance ratio into the ground.

    First thing I'd do is call Velocity Micro and complain about the obvious mistake to see what they're willing to do to amend it. Missing something like this is truly a rookie system builder mistake.

    Now, if you want to actually SLI 2 cards, find out what nVidia cards they have. They might have some GTS250's or GTX-series cards still, which would yield equal or greater performance than an actual CrossFire 4850 setup. Or, you could go with a single card, such as the 5870 you mentioned.

    Whichever way you decide to go, I suggest holding out until they offer you some form of compensation for their error. If they say send the 4850's back and we'll send you a 5870 for $100, take the deal. If they offer up two GTS250's for SLI in exchange, that's a fair deal as well. Just don't let 'em burn ya, and if you're uncertain that what they offer is a fair deal, you have a source for opinions here at Tom's.
  11. Hi again. Thanks for the advice.

    Velocity says they wrote "special drivers" that allows the mobo to run my cards in CF. If that's true it sure seems like they don't run in CF very well, given my experiences with games freezing up in that mode.

    I'm leaning toward the single card solution. The Fermis look appealing though....I might take the 5870 for now and wait for the prices to come down on the others. Is there any compelling reason to go with two GTX 250s instead?
  12. LOL "special drivers" my @$$. If they had such drivers, they would be very well known and someone would have made them publicly available.

    They BS'd you.
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