Mouse right button fail---> MOBO damaged?

First, thanks for reading

Some days ago, while playing CoD Multi, the right button of my mouse stopped responding for 10 seconds. In the meantime this happened, all the other commands from my mouse worked alright: I could move the crosshair, and I could use the other mouse buttons. In short: all my mouse worked EXCEPT right button. After 10 seconds, it worked again.

I know that the common answer is that the mouse itself failed for 10 seconds but my question is:

May my MOBO be damaged? Can there be a problem in my mother board to cause that problem?
That´s what bother me.

Thanks for your advice
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  1. I see a ton of COD problems, my best guess is the App. If all is well now then I'd say your MOBO is fine. Long playing can overheat the MOBO/GPU and too cause a similar problem.

    If it were me I would run COD or any 'Futuremark' type App and check your temps using HW Monitor -> if they're too high you'll need to improve your cooling.

    In addition, try MSCONFIG -> select Diagnostic and enable Microsoft to see if that helps.
  2. Thanks for your help jaquith

    Temps are ok (I use EVGA temps on-screen)

    I forgot to tell that my mouse is an USB OCZ Behemoth. Never had any issue with it in 1 year, apart from this event.
    What I have done is plugging also a 2nd mouse, in case it repeats....:-)

    I have also thought of the aplication (modern warfare 2) as the culprit.
  3. Every time there's an 'update' via Windows or you doing it yourself including new Apps -- there's a new environment with new --- sometimes better --- sometimes worst results.

    I've turned-off Windows 'Automatic' installation/updating; I've seen it attempting a 32-bit driver install on a 64-bit OS --- where a 64-bit driver was readily available. So now I must manually approve ALL updates.

    Carefully, look at your installation logs! ;)
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