500GB or 1T hard drive?


Last night I went shopping for hard to shop,The seller said The 500's hard drive is better than 1T And the hard 1T More information will be used to store and the 500 hard drive to install on the system is better

What is your opinion?
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  1. Assuming they are the same spec other then the size, one isn't really any better then other. Obviously one has twice the space as the other, but it won't be any slower because of that.

    There are a lot of other factors that could change this depending on the exact drives you are referring, just stating 500G and 1Tb doesn't really provide the full picture.
  2. I do not understand I need to explain more
  3. The tech/sales person was probably suggesting that you would buy a smaller, faster drive for your main operating system and then use a slower, cheaper large capacity drives for storage. That's what I would do, unless I could get a good deal on two 1TB performance drives. Sounds like a budget issue.
  4. don't buy the 500G drive at all. buy an SSD instead for your primary drive.
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    Actually, a 1TB HDD would be much faster overall. The bits are more densly packed in than 500GB HDD's (depending on model/platters of course).

    Also, as hard drives fill up they tend to get slower (around the 50% filled mark?) - so a 1TB HDD would be "faster" in that regard.

    But it all depends on your needs. Do you download/save a lot of stuff? If you answer no, then you can get a 500GB HDD and save yourself some money.
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  7. Thank you from all
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