Temp Monitors comparison correspond but a couple confusing temps

Nobles of Techland, may you grant me audience..My temps at idle my lords:

CPU: --38ºC--
Motherboard: 32ºC
Aux: 30ºC

TIMPIN2: --38ºC--
Mainboard: 32ºC
THRM: 30ºC
CPU: 29ºC

Temp3: --38ºC--
Temp2: 32ºC
Temp1: 30ºC

NB: --38ºC--
Sytem: 32ºC
CPU: 30ºC

NB: --68ºC--
CPU: 40ºC
System: 33ºC

All non BIOS readings disagree on labeling the outstanding 38ºC, what could this really be my lords--I'm guessing northbridge???

And how about the BIOS, they say trust BIOS, can't help but doubt the 68ºC reading every time though I know idling in BIOS is burdening my rig 40%++. Could this be a bad BIOS sensor my lords?

May I present my rig:

Athlon II X3440 3Ghz (stock settings)
ECS A890GXM-A V1 (stock settings)
Kingston 1333 DDR3 2 x 2Ghz Ram
IGP 4290 (stock settings)
Generic PSU 550W

In my testing, I stress test for 12 minutes, then I play Fallout NV just fine-1024x768 High Settings 0xAA, 2xAF; 24 average FPS unmodded, 18 FPS with graphics mods, no abnormal stutters and fps drops, no artifacts, no BSODs, no crashes.

Then after 2 hours I restart to check BIOS temps, NB at 69º and touched the heat sink for a full minute and it was only as warm as my armpit.

May you assist me in determining and confirming the natures of the 38ºC reading and the outrageous 68ºC BIOS reading, my lords. Thank you.
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  1. Millions of TH members, thousands of readers and probably a few hundred ECS-A890GXM-A V1 users, and I answered my own questions. Thanks for the silent motivation everyone.

    To all current users or about to use the same Mobo esp noobs like me, you may encounter this issue and there's no need to worry.

    I simply decided to buy a a gpu and after installation with the latest 11.2 drivers, I checked BIOS and it gave me the new "true" NB temperature of 41°C, which corresponds to all temp monitor readings shown in my previous post.

    It was 68 deg, down to 41°C and all it took was a Sapphire 5570 1 GB Version 3 (new cooler similar to HIS). This card is amazing, OC'ed it to autotune 950/1435 respectively using CCC. 100/135 clock gains, post mortem cool and silent as Sam Fisher. I'll let you know about the elec bill increase a month from now.

    Now I know why the heatsink was as warm as my armpit, cause it works! ECS- bad customer service, very durable mobos-my 3rd in 7 years, the other 2 still perfectly functional. Hope this helps similar issues current and future.
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