Hardware RAID 0 ratio of default cluster size and stripe size?

Hello! :hello:

When setting up hardware RAID 0 with two WD500gb drives (WDC5000AAKS) the Mobo's integrated RAID config utility doesn't allow me to define the NTFS default cluster size. I read somewhere that the stripe size should be in a certain ratio to NTFS default cluster size of hard drive?? :o

Secondly, is the biggest stripe size ( 128kb or 256kb) best for me since the array will contain only files that are from 2mb-20mb + several hundred mb video files?? What should the NTFS default cluster size in my setup??

thanks on advance!
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  1. Did some more research and concluded that :

    1. Set up hardware RAID 0 with the biggest stripe size
    2. Format the array in OS ( win7) with biggest NTFS cluster size (64kb)

    Do you guys concur??
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