XFX lost a 5970 4GB

I just got an email from XFX, which I thought was just another promotional piece, that is asking users to help them find a 5970. Number #68 is missing. These special edition units are numbered from 1-1,000. So, if you see one on eBay or something, don't buy it. Perhaps if you report it to XFX they'll be happy and give you some free stuff or something.
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  1. You can contact them through
  2. I have it....and im not giving it back. Its all mine!! muahahahhaa *cough* *cough*
  3. Yeah I got the email this morning also and I thought it was a joke. They made off good but look at it this way, they will never be able to register it so if it has to be rma'd it cant be. But someone may be stupid and try if it breaks and they will just nab them there.
  4. ^ true, but it would suck if someone bought it on ebay and tried to register it latter.
  5. I can't believe this person would be stupid enough to sell it. It's almost so stupid it makes you wonder if it's real (despite what the auction says). Wow. Like XFX wouldn't be trolling eBay and see that?
  6. I don't know, looking at the bid history it started off at $100 and is now at $740 from a guy with 0 feedback.
  7. haha wow, its actually on there.
  8. It IS a joke. Actually it's just a marketing campaign. At the bottom of the email it says, "This is an XFX Gamertainment Campaign. Please refer here for more information."

    Maybe it's some form of contest if you send them an email about the ebay listing.
  9. I'm sure we'll all find out tomorrow. Who knows how many people have emailed XFX by now that the thing is up on eBay.
  10. OMG I FOUND THE REAL THING! That ebay listing IS NOT REAL!
    the person who stole it posted a video on youtube and its not that stupid video of the two guys in the lab.
  11. ^ don't Rickroll someone with Tony Rudd. At least have the decency to do it right ^_^
  12. Its a clever ad campaign: At the bottom under the picture ,
    This is an XFX Gamertainment Campaign. Please refer here for more information.
    with a link that leads to here
  13. I think it's just a standardized message they send out and they didn't bother to change the footer for the security announcement. I suppose we'll find out soon though.
  14. Sneaky Sneaky
  15. If this was an ad campaign, it was a good one. They won't be able to do it again though.....The email did capture my imagination, I have to admit to fantasizing :whistle: :whistle:
  16. Damn. Not only have ATi beat nvidia in gpu performance, but in marketing techniques.
  17. HAHA watch this video from XFX

    XFX is so awesome.
  18. LOL @ the EBAY listing. Some noob with 0 feedback went in and set his max bid to $5,000.00. Or I should say , the individual listing this created another account to inflate the cost. I doubt this is a legitimate auction.
  19. Yeah, I saw that video

    And I have to say I now feel bamboozeled :D.
  20. Does anyone have a link to part 2?, I gots'ta know, does he get the video card? There's plenty of the XFX girls.
  21. He can't get the card. It's stolen, and is heavily guarded. He doesn't have a chance.

    I wonder how nvidia feels seeing xfx promote their opponents card like that?

    They are probably saying, 'They didn't promote ANY of OUR cards like that...'
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    Last I heard, XFX is not going to produce the GTX470 or GTX480. I think this may be an eggs in one basket campaign for the high end.

    I got the email from XFX with the link to Part 2, I don't think it was up at the time of my previous post.

    I am really starting to love XFX as a company, Their support is great, and I like their approach to advertising, definitely outside the box.

    I am just hoping that the guy gets the card, rather than the girl, in this end of this story.
  23. Ebay listing taken down for fruad.

    Apprently Ebay didn't get the memo.
  24. builderbobftw said:
    Ebay listing taken down for fruad.

    Apprently Ebay didn't get the memo.

    Apparently it is still there and I linked it in another thread. $10k FFS :pt1cable:
  25. I'd rather get 4 480s lawl.
  26. Well the marketing technique is working as people are still talking about it.
  27. ^ are.

    Sorry, But i'm sorta infuriated becuase of people correcting my typos, so I feel the need to nitpick at others.
  28. What you talking about builderbobftw?

    And it is because, not becuase..............

    Just kidding man. I did edit my post.
  29. Yeh, the little edited marker on it tipped me off.
  30. Apparently they will give out one of these 5970s, and now I'm sure you will think about XFX before the other overclocked 4GB 5970s.
  31. ^

    Nah, i'd rather stick to a normal 5970, or 2 480s.
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