Booting problems with new aftermarket CPU cooler

Hi everyone, this is my first time here, but i heard the community here is great so i hope i come out with a solution to my problem :) I recently bought a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus to replace my intel stock fan to cool things down and maybe to overclock my processor a little bit. My computer was working fine before the new cpu cooler installation, so i unplugged it, removed the mobo and started installing the new cooler, applied thermal paste, tighten the cooler on it's place, i did everything carefully. Then plugged it back and then... nothing happned, the PC won't even boot, there were no booting beeps, black screen (like on stand-by mode), the only things working were all the fans (except the video card one). What could have gone wrong? i did everything good, followed installation carefully. At first i thought i damaged my mobo with the new cooler, maybe breaking the mobo or something, o maybe the GPU wasn't working. But that isn't the case, i tried a new gpu and the same thing happened, so that wasn't the issue, so what i did was i removed the New cooler and went back with the stock fan and now the computer is back to normal, everything was working fine like if nothing happened.
PC specs:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 @ 2,6 GHz
ASUS P5Q Deluxe
4 Gigs of ram
GeForce GTX 275
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits
Corsair TX 850 PS

This asus mobo bios let's you use a function called CPU q-fan control, maybe that's interfering with the new cooler? Is it detecting a high abnormal speed from the CPU fan and doesn't let me boot at all? Enabling and option called "ignore cpu fan speed" could let me boot up the computer with this new cooler?
What could be the problem?
Edit: I forgot to mention that i already reset the CMOS by changing the jumper position, didn't work. Then i also removed the battery and it didn't worked either.

Thanks in advance!!
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    Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    My assumption is a short with the back mounting plate. Purchase 4 plastic washers to sandwich in-between the MOBO | washer | Mounting bracket.

    video ->
  2. Thanks for the reply! i did used that video for the installation so i think i did it well. I'll try disabling the cpu q-fan control and the using some sort of thin cardbox or a little piece of the plasic bag that came with the mobo between them, can those work too?
  3. You want something that won't poke through, and I doubt the bag would do. You can cut some plastic from one of those stiff blister packages. I assume that you are using the same CPU_FAN header so these's no reason to change anything; see ->
  4. Ok it worked!!! I didn't need to disable the cpu q-fan control, it didn't make a difference.
    I noticed the cooler included some rubber anti-vibration pads. What i did was I placed them between the screws and the cooler's backplate and everything worked like a charm!!
    Huge difference in temperature, from 45c to 20c :)

    Thanks so much for the help!!!
  5. I'm VERY pleased to hear good news!!!:) It's always the simple stuff... Great Temps, and HUGE difference!

    Enjoy! :sol:
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