Best USB Storage for Win 8 ToGo

Background: Currently using Win8 ToGo on external USB 2 1TB portable HD (~25MBps) also contains data archive. (EDIT:) Currently using Cache to RAM software driver with 16GB ram dedicated on the primary computer (long boot time (10 min), ~1000MBps IO).

Problem: Looking for new storage exclusively for Win8 ToGo with low random access delay (i'll call it RAD) and a data storage replacement.

Looked At:

USB3 portable HD ~1TB: :whistle:
Pros: No data structure change needed, Existing backup logic can be used, A bit faster, All-in-One solution.
Cons: High RAD,
Notes: I hate WD "smart"ware (WHHHY???)

SSD with enclosure: :heink:
Pros: Low RAD, fastest possible solution.
Cons: Limited size, Big, Expensive, Not used to its full potential in enclosure.
Notes: For the price it fails to compete with USB3 HD

USB3 Flash drive: :love:
Pros: Low RAD, fast.
Cons: Limited size, Even more expensive then SSD
Notes: I like this idea. What size do I get?


What portable storage would you use for Win8 ToGo?
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  1. usb3 flash drive sounds like the way to go.
  2. What size would you get?

    Can you recommend any ~1tb portable HD? Or what to look for when buying one?
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