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So I recently bought myself a router to finally give my home network decent access. I figured it must be better than a server running ICS.

Anyway, I bought a Netgear DG834 ADSL Firewall/Router. The net works fine, I can play games online okay. I cannot however get my VPN to work through it (and another piece of software).

My company uses SecuRemote as it's VPN software, and it works fine when I plug a modem directly into my machine, but I cannot get it to work through the router. I've turned on the NAT Traversal Mechanisms on the router, and forwarded all the VPN ports set up within Netgear to the fixed IP address of the PC I want to use the VPN on (Remote Desktop through Windows XP is what I use). However it won't connect through. The SecuRemote software authenticates with the server, but nothing more than that.

Similarly I have a program for online roleplaying called Klooge. It is basically a server program that I run, and then the clients connect in from the outside into my IP address to play on the program which is pretty much a glorified chat program. The program requires the forwarding of ports 4466 and 4467 (UDP) which I have set up, but when someone connects all my machines network connections shut down and I need to reboot. Now since other people are using this program fine, and since it works when a modem is plugged straight into the machine, it must be something to do with network setups or the router setup and I think it's probably a similar thing to the VPN problem.

Any assistance would be appreciated on this matter.
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  1. I had to get a more advanced router to get a VPN to work through it. No matter what I did to my D-Link it just wouldn't work. I ended up getting a Nexland Pro800 (they were purchased by Symantec and are no longer sold but you might find them on eBay.

    I know it's not anything helpful, just my own experience.

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  2. The Netgear states that it is VPN ready. I'm also more interested in getting the other software working.
  3. yeah, my D-Link said that too. Best of luck.

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  4. A good VPN router is going to be either expensive or extremely cheap/free. How could it be free? Making a small linux router out of an old computer.
    There are home VPN routers but you can probably expect to pay over $100 for one, possibly over $200.
    I would go for a Netgear or Linksys VPN router if you don't want to attempt a linux solution.

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