Need in between build, motherboard and cpu suggestions.

First I have to say props to 'malmental' when he knows something he knows something even when Dell says differently.
Thanks guy wherever you are.
I have an i7 LGA1366 mini-tower unit and solid Satelite Notebook i5 with nVidia GTS350M.
I think I want something in between (desktop, smaller) and to build myself.
Also I'm thinking AMD Athlon II X3 or Phenom II X3 and mATX siz with mini-tower or smaller size case.
Any help please?
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  1. I would go for a regor dual core amd; used they go for $50 or less. I recommend a biostar or msi board with an hdmi port for blueray. If the board has this port, then you know it has a newer chipset. Newegg had one two days ago for $40 after rebate, but it sold out. Look for a used case on craigslist. I found an antec for only $20 this morning; same for the power supply. The power supply will depend on your video card requirements. If you go with onboard video, then any 400w ps will work fine.
  2. small on the case size too.
    maybe a large HTPC case or mATX case.
    I have no ideas yet, hoping someone can piece it all together for me then get a majority of approvals.
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  4. dude, your so quick with the replies.
    I must have caught you at the right time of day.
    man your 2 for 2 with me.
    and if your on the systems thread then 3 for 3.
    thanks mal..
  5. no problems, much appreciate the leg work.
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