Never be a USB 3.0 external mechanical hard-drive better than ~120 MB/s transfer

Is my statement true? I have an external harddrive 1TB WD green something or other linked via USB 2.0 to my laptop. I do a fair bit of moving around of stuff and would like to improve on the maybe 20-50 MB/s transfer speeds I get. Am I really only going to do a factor of 2 or 3 better switching to a USB 3.0 interface (I have a HP Pavilion DV6 with USB 3.0 ports already installed.
(Likewise, is it essentially poinless me getting a SanDisk Cruizer Extreme mem stick (nearly 200MB/s transfer) given that my internal mechanical hard-drive won't be able to deal out transfers at that speed?
Thank you all in advace.
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  1. Dereck47 said:

    Dereck47 said:

    Cheers Derek,

    I had actually scanned thru that before - bit techy for me but the ultimate messages are understandable at least. I should maybe rephrase my question...

    Mechanical hard-drive manufacturers state "SATA 6Gbps" etc on their units, making the user believe that, at least in some otherwise unlimited super-dooper computer they might own one day, they'll get some 400 - 700MBps transfer, and yes, a little lettle due to various overheads.

    Question - this is a complete lie, no? Mechanically these drives can never ever deliver these rates. SATA cables and hardware can, but never will the drives be able to. I never hear of such a drive capable of more than 150MB/s ish. So likewise, actually, USB 3.0 external drive (mechanical) manufactures stating "up to 480MB/s" or whatever its theoretical max thru-put is are completely lying too, it'll never be... (side question for anyone, how is this allowed!!!?!?)... :)
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