Best ram for I7-930?

Hi, I am planning on upgrading my current system from a q8200 to an i7-930. I have an Asrock x58 mobo and wondering what ram is the best for my cpu and mobo. Will 1333 or 1600 bottleneck in anyway my CPU? Or are they fine? Thanks.
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    Check out your motherboard specs from the manufacturers website or your motherboard manual and look for supported memory configs.. High speed memory will help with overclocking.. If you do not plan to overclock then there is hardly any difference in real world performance between memory modules at 1333 MHz or 1600 MHz.. Get the memory modules with the lowest CAS ratings you can afford..
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    As Emperus said try to get a RAM with high speeds and lower timings, both 1333MHz and 1600 will be fine and there won't be a bottleneck.So a 1600/1333MHz RAM with CL7/8 timings and a 1.65v(or lower) would be fine.
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