I was reading the Step-by-step guide to build a computer and It says to place the standoffs on the case in the locations matching up with your motherboard. What are the standoffs? Does it come with the board or with the case?

Because I don't have any of that. My case is HAF 922 and the board is a P6X58D-E.
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  1. Stand-offs are the little screws, that came with your case, to mount the motherboard away from the panel.

    They are usually 6-sided screws with a hole in the top, to screw in the motherboard screws, usually brass colored.

    Let me find a link with a picture:

    That should explain it... :bounce:
  2. There are pictures of standoffs in the troubleshooting checklist linked in my signature. They are absolutely necessary to prevent the motherboard from shorting out.
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