Best Bang for Buck Card

That is better than the ATI Radeon 4850 HD 1gig mem
I do not favor Radeon vs NVIDIA I just wish to have a decent card at a decent price as my card blew up and am using a temp replacement atm. Processor is an i-7 920 so Id assume the MB is also intel which is what I need it compatible with. Thanks
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  1. at $100 its the ATI 4850 or GTS250
    at $150 its the ATI 5770
  2. 4850 is not the same as hd?
  3. An HD5850 is the best $300, HD5770 best $150.
  4. iamchinaman said:
    4850 is not the same as hd?

    its the same card
  5. Thanks for the answers
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