Gtx 260. FRIGGING TO BIG!!!!!

The Gtx 260 is mashing my hard drive cables and not allowing me to seat the card properly!!!! how do i fix this frustration without buying a new case. im cheap. can i alter the sata positions, from the zero slot to the four slot without any trouble? or is my latent stupidity for asking such a question unforgivable and should i throw the voltage switch on my power supply and end it all? lmao
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  1. there are SATA cables that have an "L" shaped connector it that helps
  2. loosen the screws up on that HD, and nudge it forward a HAIR or whatever it takes.
  3. You might be able to relocate the cables to another location.
  4. ct1615 said:
    there are SATA cables that have an "L" shaped connector it that helps

    I have two right angle or "L" SATA cables under my video card as well. I installed these for future use and zip tied them off, just so I wouldn't have to reconfigure things to add a drive or they come in handy when I am mirroring a drive.

    There is always something, but with patience and ingenuity you can work things out rather than throwing money at the problem.
  5. If you are asking if you can change the ports on the MB and move the hard drive to another position in the case without any problems, the answer is yes.

    SATA isn't like IDE where you have a primary and secondary. All you have to do it remember to turn on the sata ports in the bios.

    Then combine that with a right angle sata cable, and you should be able to fit both the card and hard drive in your case.
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