New built computer, Windows 7 can't find hard drive

Hi, I'm new to building computers and so far this is the only problem I've had on my first build. When Windows gets to the step that says "choose which drive you want to install windows on" there is nothing there. The BIOS recognizes the hard drive. I've changed which ports the SATA cable connects to on the motherboard. I've changed from IDE to AHCI and so far that has not worked. I'm not sure what else to do so please help.

My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H
My hard drive is Seagate Momentous XT 7200rpm 500GB
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  1. Disconnect all drives from your motherboard and clear the cmos.
    Connect your HDD in AHCI mode to port SATA3_0.
    See if that works.
  2. Ok, I just tried that and it's still not showing anything
  3. How are you installing Windows? Internal ODD?, External ODD?
  4. Internal ODD
  5. check that you have the hard drive on the intel sata ports..and the sata ports are turned on. (make sure the sata ports for intel and not set to raid. if you go into windows install advance mode does it see the drive there where it wants to make new partions?? see if someone or the vendor put a non standard partion.
  6. Nothing is set to raid. When I get to where windows wants me to install it somewhere there are no options. When I click Drive options (advanced) nothing changes, just says no drives were found. When I click Load Driver a pop up comes on saying "To install the device driver needed to access your hard drive, insert the installation media containing the driver filed, and click ok. (The thing is my hard drive is OEM so nothing came with it but if there is something I need that is supposed to come with the hard drive can I download it and burn it to a CD to finish install?) Sorry if this info could have helped earlier.
  7. Probably won't help but plug your ODD into another SATA port.
  8. Tried every SATA port and no change
  9. Only other suggestion I have is to connect the HDD to another system as a secondary drive and format it. When you put it back in your system Windows should then recognize it.
  10. check that there no jumpers on the back of the drive..if there are see if there in the right spot..most sata drive with jumpers are for new drive to run at sata 3 speeds. also use seatools and see if the hybread drive go the newest firmware on it.
  11. Ok thanks, now i just need to find someone with another system I can use to format it.
    Thank you for the help.
  12. I had same problem fixed mine by partitioning the new drive assign a letter to it on a different computer installed on new computer did not change anything in bios except to read the dvd drive to install windows 7 64 bit and my drived showed up finally and is installing right now

    I3 2130 dual core intel cpu
    MB gigabyte z77-HD3
    WD Hdd 500g
    2 4g memery (sorry dont know not tearing em out to see)
    Nvidea 560ti x2 graphics
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