Any good system monitoring tools?

I am building a new desktop and will have my 40" TV as my main display and an old 17" LCD monitor as secondary screen. My question is, is there any software out there that gives a good "dashboard" view of the system status? By dashboard I mean large graphical charts or "tachometers". I use System Information (SIW) and I like the sensors it shows, and I'm looking at speedfan as well, but these are basic text interfaces. I'm looking for something I can glance over to while gaming and check on my temps to make sure everything's running cool, and maybe see some other stuff going on. I would prefer the current temperatures, but if any one else uses a second monitor, I'd be interested in hearing what you use it for. Thank you.
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  1. If you're using an nVidia card you can use nTune or nView, which gives a moving graph of GPU/CPU/system temperatures and fan speeds. It will not work with all hardware and obviously only works with nVidia GPUs but it has suited my needs to monitor temps. If you need a more general-use I would recommend HWMonitor; there's both free and pay-for versions.
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