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Hey guys. So my computer has a 120GB SSD for OS, a few games, and programs, and a 1tb hdd for backups, videos, photos, you know what i mean. For some reason, under intel rapid storage technology, my hdd is listed as a system drive, and my ssd is not. The hdd doesnt even have an os on it.....Also, in the BIOS, the SSD doesn't even appear in the boot sequence, just the hdd and dvd drive, even though it boots perfectly fine from my ssd every time.....strange stuff....thoughts? Thanks!
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  1. Stranger. But try to uninstall the RST software and re-install it.
  2. So, regarding the system drive thing, did you install windows with the HDD disconnected? Windows 7 sometimes puts things on secondary hard drives and creates some interesting problems.
    Can you boot without the HDD?
    Did you ever have an OS on it without deleting the partitions on the drive?
  3. Actually, I browsed a few forums/watched a few vids before assembling my pc, so I minded to completely install my os on my ssd before even attaching my hdd. I've never had an OS on this hdd. I'll try booting without hdd soon.
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