First Computer Build Got some Questions

Alright this will be my first pc build and I have a couple of questions. First off here are the components I will be using: Intel i7 930 , ASUS P6X58D Premium Motherboard, Corsair 6gb Dominator Ram, Diamond Radeon HD 5970, Ultra X4 1050Watt PSu. I will be using an aftermarket cpu cooler and a coolermaster 840 Full Tower case. In total I will have 800GB of Hard Drives and a dvd burner and a blu ray player for optical drives.

Now on to my questions….
First will I be able to run 64 bit Windows 7 with that amount of ram or will I need more?
I plan on overclocking the i7 to around 3.5-3.8ghz is there a program or a really thorough article that will help me to do this?
What is the biggest monitor I can possibly use and still keep a sharp looking screen?

i want to make sure i have the right equipment to do the things i enjoy playing games, surfing the web and doing homework thanx
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  1. 1. yes you can.thats enough ram
    2.just check out how the guides in overclocking section
    3.a 30 inch?

    and btw. corsair dominator are expensve. you just pay more for its DOMINATOR word. get a gskill instead. and a CORSAIR psu are reallaible. i asure you.
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