PC Audio and video stutters to crawl

Hi all,
So recently, i noticed some stutters occurred whenever there's a sound on my PC (even the 'POP' sound when we safely remove flash drive) and the flv videos also have the same problem. As if somebody clicking pause-play-pause-play at an enormous speed.

My PC System:
Windows XP
Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU
E4500 @ 2.20GHz
2.20GHz, 2.00GB of RAM

I don't play video games on my PC, i only use it for work (Adobe Photoshop), i tunes, streaming videos and internet browsing, and my PC handled all of that activities at once flawlessly, until now.

The 'stuttering' just happened 2 days ago, i was listening to my i tunes and all of a sudden to sound starting to crawl.
There are things that may (or may not) have caused this problem that i had done prior to the problem:

1.I upgraded my Kaspersky Anti virus from 2009 to 2011. At first it was fine, but after i ran the full scan, the kaspersky started to wear down my PC, therefore i removed it with KAV REMOVER (but after i finished the scan)

2.I downloaded a file via Torrent (VUZE), and things started to slow down in the middle of the process (i did this the same time as kaspersky full scan was just minutes away from finish)

After i removed the kaspersky, my PC is back to it's normal speed but leaving the sound and videos unrepaired.

Here's the list of things i have done in order to fix this:
1.Did a disk cleanup and free about 20Gb of space.

2.Uninstall VUZE

3.Did a full scan with 'lighter' antivirus (ESET NOD32) which also scans spyware, malware etc.

4. I used StartUp CPL 2.8 and disabled all start up programs (not the programs entirely, just disabling them to start they same time windows starts)

5.Cleaning the dust inside my CPU.

Although the speed of my PC is now back, the audio and video still stutters.

The stutters' getting worse when im listening to i tunes while doing another process (like browsing the web for example).

What might have caused this? And how do i fix this? Your inputs are deeply appreciated, thank you.
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  1. i had something like this happen with me awhile ago. Its was a malfunction with the audio drivers. what i did to fix it was, I uninstalled all the audio drivers on my system
    then i reinstalled the drivers again. But I got updated drivers from my motherboard's company website (asus). now it works flawlessly.
    to sum it up
    1. delete audio drivers.
    2. reinstall your audio drivers.

    your gonna have to find out what drivers you need. If you got a store bought computer, you gotta find the disks that came with it, or the disk that your computer asks you to burn right away the day you turned it on for the first time.

    if you got a custom built machine, you gotta find out what your sound card is. weather it is on-board sound or a stand alone sound card.
    if you got on-board sound, you can get the drivers from the Mother Board's manufacturer website. if its a stand alone card, you gotta find out who made the card and what model it is, and go to there website and get drivers for it..

    on a side note, Never pay for drivers, if a website is asking you for money to download a driver, its a scam site and not the right one. computer hardware company's always offer their products driver software for free.

    I hope this helps

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply
    My audio driver is onboard, and i updated it from from the motherboard company (mine is ASUS as well).
    I deleted then reinstalled it, but the stutters still there.

    But then i checked my CPU with CPUID Hardware monitor and found out that my CPU temp was quite high (about 67c), so i had the case removed and put a small fan facing it, it reduced the temp to 54-59c.

    I'm pretty sure i did the audio driver reinstallation corrrectly, could it be the overheat that cause this stuttering? A friend of mine suggests that i reinstall the CPU Heatsink, that the heat might've throttled the speed of the audio video.
    What do you suggests?
    Thanks for your help!

  3. Your onboard audio chip may have got corrupted.. You may try putting a cheap dedicated sound card.. Anyway, try this first.. Run dxdiag.. Click on the sounds tab and reduce acceleration (move the slider one place to the left).. Click ok.. Check by playing some music..
  4. you could try reinstalling your heat sink. if your running a stock heat sink, this could be a good opportunity to upgrade it to a bigger after-market one. you can get them for around 30-40 bucks for a decent one. as for what Emperus says, its possible that the onboard chip is corrupt. it wouldn't hurt to start browsing some audio cards at the store. they aren't to expensive these days for a good sounding basic sound-card. the most expensive ASUS sound-cards are only around 200 bucks. I think there is one overkill asus sound-card that is pushing 300 dollars. Im sure you could find a decent one for around 80 bucks.
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