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Am I in over my head?

Last response: in Systems
May 26, 2010 2:52:16 AM

Hi All, I'm building my own system (still- going on a week now!). I know I can do this. I'm running into what I suspect are very basic problems with very bleeding edge components. To start, I've got the EVGA X58 3xSLI Classified MoBo... Seemed like it should fit nearly any bill. However, it doesn't support USB 3.0. The case is Lian Li's full tower PC-A77F... The front panel has 4 USB 3.0 ports. If I follow the cables inside the case, the other end is not a typical USB header... it looks like a regular USB external cord. Not sure what to do with that? Is there an adapter that will turn that into something I can connect to the header on the MoBo?

On the same topic, the MoBo only has 2 (internal) USB headers. Is there a way to "split" those to make all 4 USB ports on the case front functional? I've seen variations on this question, but I haven't seen any answers, so I'm not exactly sure what people do... I know there are a lot of cases with more than 2 front USB ports, so I know this has to be a simple solution and I'm just not advanced enough to know how to handle it... Or, can I convert them to SATA? I have tons of SATA inputs.

If anyone can help with this, it's a big start.

System specs below...

Lian Li PC-A77F Chassis

EVGA X58 3xSLI Classified

Intel Core i7 980x

Corsair H 50 liquid cooler

2-EVGA 470 Fermi (factory overclocked) graphics cards

24 GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 RAM 1600 MHz

3 optical drives, an internal card reader

3 2TB HDD in Raid 5

Silverstone 3bay HDD cooler block

the case has 5 fans, one of which I removed to placed the H50 and another I replaced to pull air out instead of push it in to work better with the CPU cooler's reccomended setup.

If I'm leaving out pertinent info, please ask... I know just enough to be dangerous!

Thanks for sharing your experience & expertise!!


More about : head

May 26, 2010 5:04:17 AM

1. What is this build for? Gaming, general use, cad?
2. Depending on what the answer to 1 is will determine how much GB of RAM would work
3. What is your budget?
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May 26, 2010 7:43:52 PM

Please let the OP install 24GB. Several of us want to know if it works reliably or not.
May 26, 2010 8:04:11 PM

Have you read the manuals ? The case manual is kinda chinsy (two sided sheet) found here:

but it shows a USB 3 connection with a cord end much akin to an external guess is you have two of these, and that this is supposed to connect to a MoBos USB 3 headers ?

The other shows a USB 3 to USB 2 Y splitter cable which connects to a standard 10 pin MoBo header. These are typically located down by the Power on / reset / HD light pins on the MoBo (bottom edge of MoBo....usually from center to right side.

If you still have the opportunity, to eliminate the compatablility issues,you might wanna switch to a USB 3 capable board such as the Rampage III Extreme:
May 26, 2010 8:09:07 PM

I have a nice pc but I can only dream of a case like that. My element G with spraypainted tribals feels jealous :p .

Have you bought all the components cuz I have my doubts about some. Like the cooler. Why not an ssd? and why raid 5?
May 27, 2010 12:28:13 AM

I was just curious about what all the RAM would be used for. It's her choose to spend money how she wants.

The Op is Female :p 

Crap, Sorry. Smacks head.