5850 a bit laggy now.

Well, I just received an XFX 5850 (HD-585X-ZAFV) about a week ago now and for the first week it was running flawlessly with CCC 10.3, but now I feel that it get's pretty laggy, when I play, even at the very beginning when I first load games (Bad Company 2, CoD4; W@W) at 1920x1080. I was able to max the settings, but now I can lower the setting and resolutions to the lowest level and I will still experience a lot of lag. At first, I thought it was my Connection, so I turned off and restarted my Router (no modem in the house) then I tried to reseat everything, I uninstalled, then reinstalled the 10.3 Drivers for the 5850, but nothing seems to be working.

This started to happen, when I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium 64 to Ultimate 64 bit; but I didn't format before I did this. I also thought that it was my temperatures, but when I check GPU-Z and CCC, they say that I'm idling around 26-30ºC which is alright for a GPU.... Anything that I am missing, let me know and I'll add it in here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. I forgot to mentions this, I did have the game (Bad Company 2) Crash on me once and that was lastnight, with Win7 Ultimate, but I didn't get any problems with Win7 Home Premium.
  2. I will admit, I skimped out on it, which I shouldn't have, but I had a $500CAD spending limit and couldn't afford a better/ brand name PSU, so I bought this Click Here It says 780, but it is actually 600W continuous.

    I will take out and plug in the connectors to the Card.
  3. That did not help, I'm still really laggy at the lowest settings. This is really starting to bother me. I've never had anything die on me, so I'm not sure if the Card is dying on me.... I took the shield off and applied some AS5 to the GPU and reseated the card.
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    You might want to go to your CCC and check to see if you are forcing some quality options that are taxing your system, like Super-Sampling AA.
  5. uninstall all your games and reinstall them
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  7. Thank you very much bystander!

    Something so simple could be over looked. I had everything at the very max, just to see what it was like, but forgot to revert back to my working set up. I appreciate all of your guys' help, very much!
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