1. From each of my case fan, there is a wire that is connected into something, and from that something there is a molex and a male connector. What do I do with these? Also that wire connected looks like if I unplug it, I could connect it on my Motherboard CASE_FAN pins.

2. On my P6X58D-E, is it a 4 Pin ATX or 8 Pin EPS. What is see is 4 pin slot, but it looks like there is a black thing I could remove (R20 written on it) and maybe plug a 8 pin.
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  1. On question #2, there was a black cap over the left 4 pins, and the R20 thingy was something else under but it was too dark at this moment. But why was there a cap only on the left part =/
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    Yup, if you have a spare 3 pin socket on your mobo, you can plug it straight in and keep the molex adaptor for 'future use' ie, bang it in a drawer, the 4 covered points on the cpu power socket is if you have a 4 pin, you use the uncovered 4 pins, if you have an eight pin from your psu for the cpu, take the sticker off a use the 8 pins, I think its to avoid confusion over which 4 to use if you only had a 4 pin from psu :)
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  4. Great, thank dude :)
  5. Thank you for best answer. :)
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