Which component is faulty???

I am starting a new thread as the troubleshooting in my previous one has shown a big change. The old post is also inactive.

The problem I have is that my pc mostly shuts down after about 5 seconds when I press the power button. I have tried running the pc with 2 same motherboards which now i think are both faulty. One of the motherboards manages to post sometimes but would often freeze. There is no beeps apart from the one which tells that all the components were detected. I cannot boot the harddrive as the pc freezes on the windows boot screen aswell. I can boot memtest and linux install cd no prob. But when i try to boot a vista instal it loads and nothing. The letters are all weird on the screen where it says loading windows files.

Previously, when i was able to boot the vista cd and install the os it would work for about 4 days and this would happen again.

This is how im sure my CPU is fine
My RAM seems ok as it passed multiple memtest tests.
Psu is fine as i tried 2 different ones.

My pc specs:
Asus m2npv-vm
Athlon 64 x2 5600+
4gb kingston ram
250gb hdd
vista home premium 32-bit
550w psu

More info can be found in my old thread. Any suggestions will be appreciated =)
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  1. Link to your old thread?
  2. Quote:
    Ur hardisk is toast.Try a different hardisk.

    I might give it a go but I also tried booting in barebones and the pc would still take about 20 tries to post. The strange thing is that I dont know whether this is a hardware or a software issue as after I reinstalled vista previously the pc would work fine for about 4 days. Now I am unable to boot the installation cd.
  3. Quote:
    Ur hardisk is toast.Try a different hardisk.

    I tried the hdd in another comp and it works no prob. The only components that can be faulty would be CPU, Mobo, ram or PSU as when i tried running with only these things in the pc the problem persisted.
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