Need help installing ati 4350!! HURRY!

I bought an ati 4350 for my compaq sr5710f. Now when i turn on the computer the sound is still intact but all i gets is a black screen.

On the back of the instruction manual, they said to uninstall the on board graphic card first.
I was wondering if this is a guarantee way for the ati 4350 to work. What is the risk in disabling the on board graphic?
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  1. you just need to uninstall the integrated gpus drivers, that won't disable it it will simply run on the generic windows drivers.

    Then you install you video card. boot then install the ati drivers
  2. Did you plug the monitor in the onboard or to the GPU, if you forgot to put it on the GPU you will get nothing.
  3. good point, i remember quite a few years ago on a dell desktop. I couldn't get the video to work just to find out that i had it pluged into the onboard instead of the dedicated card
  4. WEll I'm pretty sure that i plugged it it to the new graphic card. And how do you uninstall the onboard driver?
  5. just got to device manager, if your on vista or 7 just type it in the search bar on the start menu. Then when you bring it up go to display adaptors. Click on the subcategory, with the name of the onboard card. Then go to the drivers tab and click uninstall
  6. Omfg I'm so frustrated the screen turned black even after i disable the on board card. This happened twice already
  7. Do you have another computer you could try the 4350 in it could be possible you got a bad card.
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