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24GB of Virtual Memory

When I recently added 12GB of RAM to my system, I noticed Windows 7 64-bit allocated 24GB of disk to virtual memory by default. Is this much space necessary for optimal operation in games? Would I be better off restricting this amount to half(since disk is slower than RAM, even though SSD)?
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    I prefer to match the Physical RAM to the VM/Page File size; therefore set the Page File to 12GB. However, on that tiny 80GB SSD you are really loosing a serious amount of space. You might even want to try 6GB Page File considering your environment. Just don't use 'No Page File.' There' more CONS to it being off.

    Also, I don't recommend a RAM Disk for the Page File to the RAM Disk minimal improvements and it can be a PITA to manage; though they're great for 'scratch drives.'

    Similarly, you can use ReadyBoost, but since you have a SSD the only 'advantage' would be less wear & tear on your X-25.
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