Buying a laptop

im trying to buy a laptop for part time gaming and school work

limited to best buy unfortunately... damn giftcards

but im looking at the Dells:
(upwards of $800)

i cant decide what would be the best option for the cost

Dell - Studio Laptop / Intel® Core™ i7 Processor / 15.6" Display / 6GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive - Black Chainlink for $1199.99

or the cheaper i5 Processor

or the even cheaper Core 2 Duo Processor

what would be the best option? / whats the differences in the processors?
cheaper would also mean money to upgrade the RAM, if that is a better option....

please help
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  1. i would look at the Asus laptops as well. they are quite good. if you need a gaming laptop, the Asus G73-JH is VERY GOOD, and what about Alienware? they cost about the same, and are made by Dell..
  2. Alienware is a little pricier and i feel like i could get cheaper, with a little weaker graphics but just as good speed.

    asus - havent heard much but ill look into it.
    but out of the i7 , i5 and core 2 duo processors, what would be the best economic decission for the price vs. power of the processor?
  3. Is that the Studio 15? the HD5470 sucks for gaming.

    Heres a better gaming laptop for $750:
  4. im still limited to

    but im deciding between studio xps, studio, and inspiron
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