OK to run 64-bit on this system?

Someone told me that this WOULDN'T run the 64-bit version, but I'm not good with this sort of thing and I don't know why it wouldn't. (sorry if this is a noob question, but this is where all the pros are :) )

These are the important bits of the (to-be) build:

Intel i5 750
Gigabyte P55A-UD5
Kingston 4GB 1333 Kit
Samsung 1TB
Gigabyte 1GB 5770

any ideas?
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    It most certainly will, no doubt. Whomever told you that is a crayon eater.
  2. mm I think the requirement for 64bit is a 1ghz cpu lol
  3. I've totally seen Win 7 64 bit running on a Pentium II 264 MHZ PC with 96 MB of RAM.
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