SSD file transfer speed fluctuation?

Okay so I've got a few SSD's in use, and I've noticed some rather drastic jumps (and falls) in copy speed.

The two drives specifically are a;

Corsair Force Series III
Patriot Pyro

Both are SATA III drives, yet for some reason when I transfer folders between them (Even if it's from the same drive to the same drive e.g. From the Patriot to the Corsair with both folders) The file transfer speeds fluctuate.

Sometimes it'll start out fast, near 200 mb/s before slowing down to around 185 mb/s. Other times it'll start off in the low 60's and go up to the 150's.

Is this normal? Could it be the file size differences? Is something wrong with the drive?

Also, though neither of the two SSD's have my OS on them (I have a smaller SSD for that.) If I remove the Patriot Pyro from the hot-swap drive it's in, my computer will freeze up. Further more if I keep it out while rebooting my PC (Not having it in at startup) I'll get an error message saying to restart and select the right boot disk.

All I have on the Pyro are some games, why would it need them to boot into windows?

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  1. i know you said your OS is on a smaller SSD, but your boot disk that has the boot manager is on the Patriot Pyro. I'm also guessing the variable speed of the file transfers is due to the types of files being transferred and how well they are compressed.
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