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Once again, I am confused. I need some help in choosing a perfect graphics card and power supply. I was thinking of going for a Radeon HD5780, but it costs too much and requires me to upgrade to an expensive power supply (the country that I live in has expensive prices on electronics). I want a GPU that can handle most games pretty well, and preferably supports Direct X11. Budget is not very important right now, I just want to know some ideas.

I prefer a resolution of 1600x1200 and am playing on a 19' monitor, I have a Core 2 Duo and 2 Gigs of DDR2 ram, a DVD Writer, 7200RPM HDD and a regular mobo.
Please Give me a good recommendation for a power supply and GPU.

Thank You very much
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    HD 5770 would be a good choice
  2. CORSAIR CMPSU-550VX 550W ATX12V V2.2 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified and the XFX HD-577X-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 both found on for about 240 USD with shipping. Good luck with your upgrades.
  3. Quote:
    I have two pieces of advice. Use Nvidia GPUs only and buy the highest wattage QUALITY PSU you can afford.

    agree with the second part... about the first part, its total bullshit... both nvidia and ati produce quality gpus today...

    so my advise would be to get the 5850... much cheaper than 5870 and performs almost similar to 5870 at ur resolution...
  4. oops i didn't see you want a PSU too,so get a Corsair 520/550 with an ATI HD 5770(or 5850 if you can afford it)
  5. An HD5850 with a Corsair 450Watt will be fine. An HD5770 is also good, too.
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