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Dx11 card same in price and performance to 4670

hello all.which dx11 graphic card is same in price and performance to ati 4670.for a 1440*900 res.
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    An HD5570 is the closest, but the HD5670 would offer much more performance for about $20 more.
  2. There isn't one, but the 5670 is the replacement for the 4670 and is a bit faster. There is the 5570 of course as shadow mentioned, but that one is generally a little slower and is meant to be a low profile type card for light gaming.
  3. Yep. The HD 5570 is roughly equivalent to the HD 4670. The HD 5670 512MB offers roughly 25% - 30% better performance on average.
  4. I say spend the extra few dollars and get the 5670.
  5. Thnkx all
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