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Hi All,

Trying to build a decent gaming / general rig for as little as possible due to my now being old with kids. The build im posting below is a take off on the last system builder marathon that Tom's hardware did. You will see 3 motherboards posted below, if someone could hit me with the highlights of each or which one fits my stuff the best, thanks.

Im trying to leave myself some growth room / overclocking space to boost up my limited parts.

Wester Digital Caviar Black 500gb - 69.99
XFX HD 5750 1 GB XFire Ready - 129.99
GSKILL 4GB 240 pin DDR3 SDRAM 1600 - 109.99
AMD Athlon II X3 Rana 2.9 GHz - 70.99
Artic Cooling Freezer 64 pro - 27.99
Antec 300 Illusion and Antec EQ 650w PSU - 119.98

Motherboards all Gigabyte

GA-MA790GPT-UD3h AM3 - 119.99 15 MIR avail

Thanks alot in advance
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  1. Switch that HDD to a Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB. Its faster, quieter, and only $54.99

    I would at the very least upgrade to the HD5770. Its a little more, but HD5750 is not worth the money. The powercolor HD5770 on newegg is $149.99.

    The motherboards are pretty similar, the 880 uses the new northbridge, but thats not as necessary with a discrete GPU. I would say either the 790XTA or 880GA, maybe wichever one is cheaper.

    Check out for the top rated HSF. That freezer pro is decent, but old, there are a lot better options these days.
  2. $615AR
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, how abouth this heatsink?

    Scythe Katana3

    Nice find on the HIS combo thank you

    The Katana II was reviewed at frostytech and is still ranked at one of the top 10 quietest. I would imagine the Katana III is a solid heatsink, and likely pretty quiet. If you want better cooling power though, the CM Hyper 212+ is the one to get.
  5. Quote:

    Nice find on the HIS combo thank you

    You are welcomed ^^
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