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Iv just converted over to a couple SSD's and i have read a few time in different forum sites that you should't use Crap Cleaner specially using the registry cleaner...I know there's common sense when using ssd's you disable defraging tool and never use disc clean up but why not use Crap cleaner...Is there a better tool out there to do the job like crap cleaner...Problem these days when you want a straight answer about something all the answers come from forum sites...This is why i like tom'hardware have to admit there some pretty smart guy's on this site..
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    I use CCleaner's basic clean function on my SSD and have about once a week for the 2 years I have had it ( Vertex 2 ). This generally cleans between 500MB and 1GB of junk off the drive.

    As for the registry cleaner I just don't trust any registry cleaners in general. I have not really ever heard of the CCleaner registry cleaner nuking anyone's Windows install and it's probably safe but I generally do a clean Windows install once a year or so at most so I don't really feel it's necessary to use one.

    I don't know of a better tool for just cleaning junk. Maybe Glary's utilities.
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