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I have just purchased a gtx 470 and it seems to crash the computer after it runs for 5 minits...then the computer wont boot past the bios without stone cold crashing.
ie... Did a fresh install of win 7--- computer crashed half way through and wouldn't load past boot screen till morning... then thismorning I got it to load...finsished install on windows 7, then Went to run win 7 performance rating tool... 1 min into the video card testing and it crashed and wouldnt load past the bios again without shutting of.

system is running stock. No Oc.

Reinstalled old card and everything works fine.

Right now I am running:

i5 750
Biostar T5XE
Rosewill 750 W modular pSU
500gb WD Hd
60 gb OCZ SSD

2gb of A-data 1600 ddr3 - I am also having a issue with this... system seems to crash fairly randomly when I install the other either the b1 or a2 port. I ran memtest for 8 hrs and everything was fine...WTF.

Anyways any Ideas on eather issue?
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  1. My first idea would be to look at the PSU. It may have the power, but Rosewill isn't none for being as consistent as Corsair or another leading brand.
  2. How would I dignose a psu problem.... it has a little blue fan that runs consistantly and the computer works fine with the old card in it.
  3. Slap another PSU that is known to be good and reliable and has enough power to handle all your components.
  4. Hi there, I seem to be experiencing a similar issue with my system although I am unsure of the source of my problem. I am not knowledgeable of the inner workings of computers, but I have done some fishing around to find out what's wrong and I can't seem to find a post that states what the actual problem is.

    I purchased a GTX 470, 2 hanns g 28" hdmi monitors, and a new 750 watt power supply from corsair to upgrade my gaming/pro tools experience in December as well as a new tower and 4 fans to keep everything cool. In January, I began experiencing some issues with my monitor going black and the "no signal input, check video cable" sign popping up. Then my com would crash and I would have to push the power button to power it down and then turn it back on. It would tell me that windows had recovered from an unexpected shutdown when it booted up. Sometimes it works for a day or two without this happening, but sometimes it will happen over and over again for hours. I found some posts in hanns g forums about their monitors having faulty wiring. I was going to contact them because i figured the monitors I had purchased must be to blame, but then my screen went black, and the computer restarted without me having to do a hard reset. When it booted up, it asked me if I wanted to check for a solution to my problem. I did and it told me a graphics driver stopped working properly. So I went to the nvidia site and downloaded and installed the most recent driver update. I still experience the crashes though with the "graphics display driver stopped working properly" sign. I then uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them but still having same problem. I'm not sure whether to contact hanns G because I'm not sure if it's actually a problem with the monitors, or if it's the graphics card or even the motherboard which I've also read can be the issue. Anyway here is my system's specs

    Hewlett- Packard model a6658f

    processor; intel core 2 quad cpu Q6600 A 2.4 ghz 2.4 ghz
    RAM 6.00 GB
    Window's Vista 64 bit OS
    Motherobard from pegatron (i don't know how to check speccifics about my motherboard)

    Nvidia GTX 470 graphics card
    &50 watt corsair power supply.

    I don't know what else to include.... any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!
  5. hi,
    i also have the NVIDIA GTX 470 non over clocked version.
    I am having the exact, I mean exact same issue as you describe in every detail. My screen goes black/blank. Sometimes the computer reboots on its own, sometimes I have to do a hard reset. I also tried installing the latest NVIDIA driver but I think the problem is worse now. I think my computer actually "Blue Screened" with the latest driver installed. Also as you stated I might get a days use before it crashes. Maybe only 1 hour before crashing.
    I have a Dell 490 PC. The 750WPs when out just as I was installing the card. So, Dell replaced the PS with a new one. My computer was working very stable for about a month or so with no problems. I have even left my computer on over night no problems. Then all of a sudden my computer started with the blank monitor screen problem. I thought this might be a problem with the computer going into sleep mode. I am running Windows 7 64bit professional version. I checked and to the best I can see I have everything in Windows set to on not to go to sleep. My computer has the Intel motherboard that supports the 5160 dual core Xeon CPU (EM64T). Intel 500 DX chipset on the motherboard. I also have about 4-6 fans in my case so I don't think heat is a problem.
    I am thinking that this must be a driver problem but which driver should I install?

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